Selection of personal projects:

7zetools - 7-Zip Encryption Tools - is a set of Linux shell scripts to facilitate single file (or directory) encryption using 7-Zip AES-256. Implemented in Bash.

Libstackusage is a simple tool enabling native/pthreads stack usage measurement in Linux applications. Implemented in C.

Namp - ncurses audio media player - is a command line MP3 player for Linux. Implemented in C.

Nope OS is a simple OS kernel bundled with a BASIC interpreter, bringing back the 80s home computing feeling. Implemented in x86 assembly and C.

OSSnews is a news aggregation site for open source software. Implemented in Ruby on Rails.

Servprobe is an Internet connectivity monitoring utility for Windows which runs in the taskbar. Implemented in C++ using wxWidgets.

Time Spent Where is an Android app enabling tracking of time spent at places (work, home, etc). Implemented in Java.