Selection of personal projects:

7zetools - 7-Zip Encryption Tools - is a set of Linux shell scripts to facilitate single file (or directory) encryption using 7-Zip AES-256. Implemented in Bash.

Namp - ncurses audio media player - is a command line MP3 player for Linux. Implemented in C.

Nope OS is a simple OS kernel bundled with a BASIC interpreter, bringing back the 80s home computing feeling. Implemented in x86 assembly and C.

Servprobe is an Internet connectivity monitoring utility for Windows which runs in the taskbar. Implemented in C++ using wxWidgets.

Stackusage is a simple tool enabling native/pthreads stack usage measurement in Linux applications. Implemented in C.

Time Spent Where is an Android app enabling tracking of time spent at places (work, home, etc). Implemented in Java.